Thank you for submitting New Candidate Form for the CANaspire Gene Therapy Trial

Your form has been submitted. You will receive an email or phone call within a few days introducing you to the Communication Coordinator. The Communication Coordinator will be your primary contact while your child is under consideration for trial participation and will guide you through the process.

Please note:

Doctors at the clinical sites will be responsible for determining if your child meets the mandatory criteria to participate in the clinical trial. Employees of the Aspa team are not, and cannot, be involved in the selection or enrollment of individuals into the clinical trial. 

Submission of this form does not guarantee your child’s participation or obligate you to enroll your child in the CANaspire Gene Therapy Trial.

The sponsor, Aspa Therapeutics will not have access to your or your child’s personal or medical information. This information will only be seen by a third-party independent Communication Coordinator. The Communication Coordinator is not a direct employee of Aspa Therapeutics.